Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something's Got to Give

I think the time change effed up my alarm functions on my beloved iPhone (yes I'm aware that I'm way too caught up in my material possesions. What can I say but I'm a material girl and this is my material world). Anywho the last 3 mornings my alarmS have failed me. Or maybe it's fate telling me not to go to work anymore? Whatever Fate, I got bills. So I've been later than usual! And will not (for the umpteenth week in a row) get paid for a full 40 hours this week. 
Something gotta give. Unexceptable. At this rate my job is sure to be in jeopardy by the end of the month. No bueno, my friends. No. Bueno. Oh yeah and I do need to actually start working all day instead of reading blogs, writing blogs and socializing via technology (living in my material world and all that).

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I turn over a new leaf! What? I was already late today, today is a lost cause. A last hurrah! Okay, not really but for sure tomorrow's word of the day is PUNCTUALITY!


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