Thursday, November 6, 2008

Heaven help me it's lunchtime again

I've been thinking about lunch since about 9 o'clock. Seriously. I have a problem, no? Hi, my name is Sonia and I'm addicted to Trader Joe's salad. Lunchtime has been a nightmare these past 2 days. No bueno. So I'm now considering NOT boycotting TJ's anymore since, clearly, I'm the only one suffering here. And they did say they would comp my next salad...(sans bugs, I hope.)
Okay, let's face it. I would have so been there yesterday if it weren't for my lack of better judgement (I'm still pinning this on the bug) in asking to speak with the cute raggamuffin blue-eyed boy that I attempted to flirt with. The phone call was strike 2. I suck at flirting. And typically come off as flighty. It's no wonder I've been single for so long. Although, admittedly I'm really in need of... well... I need to get LAID! A girl has got needs and this girls needs ARE NOT being met. So anyway, no Trader Joe's because of my lack of game and overall coolness? At this point what have I got to lose? I really doubt that I'll be blatantly pointed out and laughed at. Maybe behind the scenes, though...

Why do I care much? That's all ego baby. My ego makes me boring. Eff it! New motto: Let's give them something to talk about!

Scratch that. Too bold and fearless. (baby steps)

How about: Just think happy thoughts. Denial isn't so bad, right? I mean, don't I always say that ignorance is bliss?

We'll see... 5 minutes to lunchtime.


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