Monday, March 23, 2009

Pongin' It In Beer Stylie

I played Beer Pong for the first time this weekend.

(that's right, first. time. played. And the answer is yes. Yes I do live under a rock thank you.)

(but My rock is Super Fantastic I. Will. Have. You. Know.) 

It'll likely be my last time I play seeing as- I suck at it. 

(Big time suck.) 

....Unless of course you count making into my own cup.

...or regular cups...

...or empty cups...

...or the rinse cups...

...Just not the cups I actually aim for, if those cups were the Gold Standard I would KICK ASS in a Super Fantastic way at Beer Pong.

But NotSoMuch.

I'm convinced that the ball had it's own agenda, like it was possessed or something.

Possessed by a....


a  poltergeist! 

That's it!! 

A Ping Pong Poltergeist!!


 Who Knew

That little maniac needs to be exorcisted or something I tell ya!

Bust out the holy water! 

Say some prayers

Drink some wine

(FYI, Wine is holy and it works best when ingested)

(Hey I don't make the rules, I just live by them...)

(Okay, I make up the rules sometimes...but you gotta admit-the wine one. The Wine One is Golden!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twilight: Don't Do It.

I get it now. It hasnt even been 24 hours, I'm on chapter 5 of Twilight and I have suspicians that this book is made entirely out of crack coccaine that is absorbed through the eyes and the brain and your fingers and becomes increasingly strongr with each word. In fact I'm pretty sure if I licked the pages...well it's not my book and I DO have a smidge of self control left in me (somewhere).

I'm dying here at work not being able to read on and find out what happens a next! I'm tempted to buy the damn book on Stanza so that I can read it on my phone under the guise of texting or whatver it is my boss thinks I'm doing on my Magical iPhone.

Also I think I'm in love. His name is iPhone and he's perfect and he rocks my world. It may be a tie between iPhone and Edward Cullen.

iPhone made of crack too? I'm thinking yes. Hell yes.

I'm in serious need of a Geeksorcism. Heaven help me.


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