Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flying Through Airports

Who said today was the busiest travel day of the year? LIES. ALL LIES!


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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vacation Rocks! But then there is packing. Ugh.

My flight for Florida leaves at 3:30 in the A. M. (AM!!!)

I haven't packed a thing, I'm supposed to be doing this now.

I'm a procrastinator. Watcha gon' do.

I know what my mom is gonna do. She's gonna nag me into packing and I will grumble. And I will gripe. I will yell, "I hate packing!!" about 18 gadgillion and 9 times (this is an accurate number) whilst I stomp through the house (because this makes packing easier.) (I'm a good coper). And I will grudgingly begin throwing random stuff in my suitcase about 2-3 hours before we are suppose to leave (so that I can get 1-2 hours of my 9 hours of required beauty sleep) and hope for the best.

This is a vacation ritual. (it sounds better this way ha?)

Packing has to be--no. Packing IS. BY FAR. the WORST. part about vacation (next to leaving vacationland and having to unpack and go to work. Talk about a kill-joy.) and it's pretty hard for the spirit to drop when you know vacation is just around the bend.

  • 6 consecutive days of non-work. (YEA BABY!!)
  • Friends and coworking hard-core hating because you get 6 days of non-work. (Bring on the hate! Give. It. To. Me! I'm loving it!)
  • Busiest travel day of the year. Long lines. 5 hours of sitting with minimal elbow space. (Got the iPod on standby, I'm ready for ya! Vacation. Vacation! VACATION! Woot! Woot!)
  • Packing.



I need inspiration. Vacation just isn't standing up to the dreaded packing.

This calls for Michael. P.Y.T, Thriller, Billie Jean...Oooo Weeee!

I'm off to stomp now. Let the stomping commence....


Monday, November 24, 2008

This is me in the eyes of a 6 year old

I am pink. I wear a dress even when I don't. I wear my hands on my biceps (yes, these are my hands and not my biceps-I checked). I wear ucomfortable footwear. My mascara tends to clump on the left side. I am tall (I can tell because I am looking down). Vertical stripes are slimming.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Closet Blogging

Everyday I go to work. I have an [un]exciting job. My daily highlights are e-mailing KOAM (self proclaimed King of all Mexicans--he nicknamed himself) & Dodger Drinks-a-ton and reading blogs. They're not men of many words. They e-mail me like a sentence or so and I reply back with a full (colorful) paragraph of purely random ridiculousness (complete with my own crazy-creation background). This (and Tapatio) is what spices up my day. I'm exciting.

KOAM started a blog in which he will blog his journey "from fat to fit" and going for his dream of fighting in the MMA. I'm the encourager. He asked me to write his About Me section and he also wants me to post 2-3 blogs a month on his blog. Done and done. I'm honored.

I ask him his progress on the blogging all the time. I recommend blogs to him. We talk blog. I encourage. Except now he has this crazy idea that I should start a blog.

No, crazy boy.

I'm a closet blogger. I'm keeping it that way!

Granted, should he stumble upon my blog, it's not so anonymous. But I still refuse to TELL him about it. I'm embarrassed or something. I don't really have good reason. He has this crazy idea that "it would be so interesting to read through your everyday life". He's trying to have me believe that I'm a good writer and I'm interesting. Sadly, Notsomuch. But he's a good friend.

That's what good friends do, they encourage (and lie to you to pump you up).

I didn't even start this blog with the intention of it being public. I started it because I just like to write and this way if I have internet access then I've got a place to lay down some thoughts (or rants & raves) so all I need is my trusty iPhone and I don't have to carry around a journal and pen. The public thing happened by accident. I set the availability to private and somehow it publicized itself. Leading me to believe that there is a ghost in my computer. Or maybe it's an omen or (dare I say it) a user error? (NO!) I'm going ghost. A cute one, like Casper.

I don't like lying but I really am very self conscious about my bloggy (I like using the word blog. Bloggy. Bloggish. Bloggity.) ways. So until he stumbles upon this piece of work and calls me out. I'm a closet blogger.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

(I just like saying that)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

When Inspiration Hits...Just Go With It.

So I'm sitting here working (work shmirk. reading blogs and texting), listening to my iPhone on iPod mode and then I hear this:

They told 'em don't you ever come around. hee-Ya!

Don't wanna see yo face you betta disapee-Ya!

That's right folks! Michael. Jackson. I immediately jump out of my chair onto my desk kick my leg out and grab my crotch, did some pelvic thrusts and starting singing at the of my lungs!

Doing the moonwalk atop the cubicle walls, snapping my fingers!

Like a champ!

Who's a Champ?

I'm a champ.

Everywhere A-Champ.Champ.

Okay, I didn't. But I wanted to.

(for the record: I'm still a Champ.) (What? Denial?! Where???)

It was like this surge of energy rushing through my body with the beat of BEAT IT!

Am I the only one who feels this when I hear some old school Michael? I'm thinking no. (lie to me-my blog, my rules).

Kreativ Blogger Award

I've been tagged!

(By Jannelle at Through the Looking Glass)

So I will now list 6 things I am thankful for and then tag 6 more blogs to do the same. That's the name of the game (okay, the rules but name rhymes...)

6 Thankfuls in my Life....

  1. My mom (cue: awwww...) Yup. This woman is AMAZING! (She did raise me afterall...) She taught me strength, independence, the importance of good credit (it's under-rated. Really mamas of the world, this needs to be learned), hard work and to always try and do what's right and follow your heart (**while not ignoring your brain** this is key. I would probably be lost in Italy or some foreign country, without a dime to my name or a clue on how I'm gonna get home if it hadn't been for that mass of grey matter occupying my skull). I could go on but I think you get it. She's amazing. period.
  2. My family, of course, sometimes (read: most the time) they drive me crazy but (i lie to myself) and think this builds "character". They're loving, good cooks and are wildly fun and entertaining. Love 'em to pieces.
  3. My friends (another, "duh"; but it must be listed). I don't have many but the ones that I do have: WOW! How did I get so blessed to be around such AWE-MAZE-ING people? Just lucky I guess.
  4. My iPhone (it's true.) You bring me music (music, how I love thee...), the Internet (I'm looking at you google. *smooches*), crazy apps, Maps (seriously, I get lost ALL THE TIME), all the entertainment and answers to random questions that you give me.... I heart my iPhone (and all things apple. Including apples they're yummy).
  5. All things warm (and functioning). Scarves, Hats, Coats, Gloves, Tea, Soup, Summer, the heater under my desk, Southern California (cuz, let's face it. It could be worse...Antarctica? No thanks.)all heaters anywhere and everywhere, fire If you keep me from chattering teeth and frostbite: I love you.
  6. Alcohol. (Yeah, I said it.)


All these blogs (there's more but I'm limited to listing 6) are witty, sarcastic, clever, funny and all that other ooey gooey entertaining goodness. I'm hooked.

  1. Baking with Plath
  2. Clever Girl Goes Blog
  3. Starting Over at 24
  4. I Hate So Much
  5. Searching for the Yeti
  6. Lip Smacking Wit

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thermostat Set at FrostBite

Jeez, it's just one of those days. You know, when you hit snooze 13 hundred and 3 times and try and cut out as many things out of your morning routine as possible (while still being just burley presentable...) just for 60 seconds more or so of sleep. So that was me this morning.

My eyes are still trying to adjust to...well, being open. All signs point right back to cuddling up in bed. What? They don't? I'M NOT LISTENING! I'M NOT LISTENING! LALALA, LA, LA, LA.... You get my drift? How the heck do people pull themselves out of this little funk of a (sun is shining) gloom of a day? Whatev. It's almost 5 o'clock. Or 10am...but sometimes lying to myself just seems the better option. Is it too late to play hookey from work? Yes? Okay, fine but I won't sit here with a smile on my face! And I WILL just sit here! I'm a rebel. I'm living on the edge. Or not. But, hell whatever passes the time...

It doesn't help that it is freezing balls in the office! I don't even have any balls and they are frozen, frostbitten and hatin' it-that's saying something. I don't know what. But something. For sure. They are trying to frostbite my hoodie 'n chucks wearing ass (told ya, I'm a rebel--business casual Wha!) right out of the office and back to bed (yet another sign pointing back to bed). I'm convinced. I even have a heater under my desk. I made myself some hot tea. And I'm still cold. Brrrrrr....

I just finished "Triumph over the frostbite" attempt numero tres (that'd be "number 3" for the "green-goes"). Attempt number 1: Floor heater (it's still on...hey, I don't pay the electic bill...they obviously don't mind if they have the A/C on the "Frostbite" [read: 73 degrees] when there is clearly NO NEED! 78 is just fine. Thankya.). Attempt #2: Hot tea. (to no avail) and finally Attempt Numero Tres: Soup. It's Fabulousity. The little Progresso (light(! Of course) never will the attempt be: weight gain for more insulation) anyway, those Progesso cup thingy's that are microwavable are freaking awesome! The (office provided) bowls are not big enough for the whole can and I hate doing dishes so the ones in the cupboard are clearly, not an option. So the little microwavable thingy is PERFECTO MUNDO! And Attempt Numero Tres coupled with Attempt number 1 is totally working! Warmth. Golden.

What I don't get though is that the Nutrition info says that one serving is 60 calories and "about 2 servings" and THEN it says that the entire package is about 100 calories...math geniuses (such as myself) they ARE NOT. And we trust these people to count our calories?! Oh well. It was good and it worked. And I put Tapatio in it, so it's EVEN BETTER! Love the spicy. Tapatio and Soy Sauce are my ketchup and mustard. They rock. Salty Spicey goodness. Mmmmm...I'm warm now. Inside out.

Take that A/C! HAH! I win.

S.= 2 (cuz I'm warm and it's on thier dime)
The Frostbiters = 0.25 (cuz I hate being cold)
That's right! I'm beating the system one frostbitten finger at a time....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Rundown (in no particular order)

Breakfast of champions: Doritos and a waffle with peanut butter. This is what happens when 2 momma's girls are left to fend for themselves... clearly, we took it like champs.

My iPhone case took it in the keester! <-- it just came out, I dunno. But yeah, I dropped my phone and my dark red, rhinestone adorned case is no more. *tear*

Who has a pretty little chandelier and matching lamp in their room?! It's me! It's me! FABULOUS!!!

Dude, America = the country that survives on all that is plastic, no? As in plastic cards. Swipe it, sign and VOILA(!) you just got got something new that you may or may not afford! I go to the swapmeet and swipe, I'm pretty sure the paleta man (Mexican dude with cart full of ice cream) take Visa or Mastercard. They giggled and called me cute in a dive bar in Visalia, CA (read: podunk town)for trying to pay for drinks with a card (cash is a thing of the past to me, like horse carriages and the idea that world is flat). The expression on my face once denied may or may not have contributed their amusement at the LA Girl (even though I live an hour away from there...inland, no less). RIDICULOUS.

Wii Fit is a freaking BLAST!! (Martini's, Patron shots and beers may or definately may have been involved. Don't judge. My Wii Hula Hooping is golden.)

My throat cannot handle 3 and a half hours of singing (off-key. That's how I do.) but, by golly I will still try! Twice. I just can't drive otherwise. Can't.

Sleeping in the bed of a married couple (whilst they sleep in the living room), I just couldn't bring myself to do it, it just seems...wierd. Just me? My cousin calls me crazy, I disagree. I just can't seem to think of an instance where I'd be comfortable with sleeping arrangements such as this. We ended up falling asleep watching a movie- slumber party styley.

It is November thus it is Fall. FALL! Yo, Sun! This is not your time to shine. Chillax sucka! I'd like to wear cute coats and scarves and hats and look forward for your return in the Spring! Kay?thanx.buh-bye.

I parallel park like a champ! (when drinking)


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P.S. To podunk town or not to podunk town--never the question. It's all about the company you keep!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cutting down my lunch hour....

WTF! Trains should be banned from the tracks during the 12 o'clock hour! Hello conductors! Some of us only have an hour for lunch! 90 gazillion carts at like 5 mph UNCALLED FOR!! BANNED!! Baaaanned!!

Last cart. /end rant.



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Saweet jeezus my hair is SHORT!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hockey & Hair.

Went to the best hockey game (I've ever been to) last night! Fighting (complete with blood on the ice!), OT and then they went into a shootout! It's what hockey is all about! I'm not really into hockey but it was (almost) free and something about the word FREE makes things sooo much better! And am I the only one that thinks the half naked girls shoveling ice are out of their minds?! I had on jeans and a thick jacket and was cold! I can't help but wonder if shots of something or other (vodka, perhaps?) is part of their pay...

So today I'm getting my hair cut and colored. Today marks the day that my hair gets deflowered! *gasp* Yes, it is true that my hair is a virgin to hair dye... And it's already shoulder length so tomorrow morning I may not recognize myself when passing the mirror (hopefully in a good way *fingers crossed*). I'm nervous. In the fun way though, if I don't like my hair will grow and I can always dye it black....or buy a wig and lots of hats...I'm nervous. I'm anxious. I want it to be 6 already so we can get the show on the road... No freakshows though...

I'm excited.

I'm nervous. (catch onto that yet?)

I'm hungry....


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Monday, November 10, 2008

Give me an Inch, I'll take a Mile...

My weekend in a nutshell:

-Senior citizens and kareoke -Gay club and dancing (the gays get down!) -Drinking (it's the only way...) -BBQ (food, drink, Guitar Hero, Loteria, Hold 'em...oh my!) -Ghettofying my phone case with stickers cuz I love it too much to throw it away. And since my first attempt at salvation (KrazyGlue) failed, it was the only other option I could think of.

(Um. KrazyGlue. Thumb. Index finger. Yeah, you guessed it...)

OMG! And today at work, I got handed...

(brace yourself)

Work! Yes, that is correct. Work. So that means today I'm actually doing what I get paid to do. Wierd, I know. My heart skipped a beat when my Super handed me plans this morning. And then I opened and looked at them and wanted to hand them right back. It passed though. I got to working and actually enjoyed it (as much as you can enjoy WORK anyway). But that was before lunch. Now after a big lunch (Vons- that's right yet another day sans TJ's) and cheesecake to celebrate my co-workers birthday, I'm considering petitioning for naptime at the office... I'm pretty sure that there was a study done on employees being more productive with naps, right? Right? Hmmm... The slavedriver-esque Super may disagree.

(4 solid hours of work and now their slavedrivers...and I'm blogging right to be done and I'm blogging.)


Who got to work 15 minutes EARLY today?!

Yours truly!

Yippey for me! Let's see if I can keep it up for the rest of the week! (BABY STEPS, mind you-a week is PLENTY.)

Back to work now...


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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mmmm...A Delish Dish

The latest and greatest in food (new to me anyway) is butternut squash! 2 words: Yum. Meeee. Love it. Taste just like potatoes but less calories. I hear it's a pain in the daryaire (or however you spell that-symbollic of how hard the task is? Um. Sure.) to clean and peel and chop and stuff and let's face it I'm no Iron Chef plus I'm super duper lazy(!) so I bought it frozen (frozen veggies are definately the way to go). Put it in a pan and cook then add some eggbeater (and Montreal steak seasoning and cayenne pepper) and VWALA!! Tre magnifique! *italian finger kiss* You got yourself some scrambled eggs and potatoes for like way less than half the calories!

Delicious and nutritious! I should totally make my own recipe book. A Lazy-ass's Guide to Delicious and Nutritious! Well, the name needs work but that's small potatoes-the seed has been planted. I've proved my genius yet again. (just go with it, I'm a dreamer) and Hungry Girl already beat me to it. Whatev.



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Friday, November 7, 2008


I totally went a week without Trader Joe's. Do I dare go another week! We shall see... Vons showing some promise.... The downfall is they're a bit pricey...and I'm a penny pincher. And the economy non sto bene. (Italian meaning: not good. I'm pretty sure. I think.)

Crush Officially OVA!

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaND killed it! Another picture. I spoke too soon. The crush is gone. Needless to say..I'm so not attracted to this boy. Remember the ignorance is bliss? Yeah. I want it back. Sure it sounds mean but I've already sent him one picture of me (smiling because in the profile pic I'm making fish lips-dorkiness. An endearing quality, no? Then he asks for ANOTHER right now. So I say, you first.

Got it. Truth hurts. I faced the music. Me no likey.

Uhgh. I should've known better when the boy had half a brain. And wit. Hot boys. They don't have this.

Forever single. They're either hott (WTF is hoyt? My phone keeps trying to put this instead of hott. Side note: look that word up) or they have a great personality (and of course this greatness is measured by how well they mesh with me because we all know that I am the center of the universe, right? Right? RIGHT?). So whatev. I got an e-mail buddy (until he gives up).

I'm gonna go drink my single forever ass under the table now.

Well, kinda/maybe anyway.


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Friday- The Official Non-Working Work Day (or should be)

It's FRIDAY! Best work day of the week! (hur-ray for Fri-day!) so now that we've got that that little gem of a celebration out of the way, let's list all of the ways that today sucks balls. Umm. Yeah, right. How could it suck it's FRIDAY!! That's it. That's all I got. I'm making it to 5 o'clock on the fact that today is Friday. And hopefully it's not another Detour Day.
Stuck in traffic. I'm a multi-tasker, what can I say?
Dude, it seriously took me like twice as long to get home yesterday. Circles. AND in the morning taking Kaylee to school. I missed the exit. CIRCLES. Grrrrr.I'm not sure my voice can handle another day of detours or my speakers. I can only sing (offkey-cuz that's how I roll) at the top of my lungs (because, clearly, this is the ONLY way to drive) for so long. Not that it isn't liberating and totally worth it but, ya know, I like to complain. Clearly.I guess e-mailing Nick isn't so bad i really developing a crush on a boy that I met through an app on my iPhone (WTF?)that I've been e-mailing almost nonstop for the past 3 days. Oh what fun I've had talking nonesense with this stranger. A sarcastic smartass. Just. Like. Me. Who'd a thought...It's nice to e-mail somebody whose on my level of nonsense-ity. (not a word--but it should be, yes?). Miguel and Jesse can only keep it going for so long. I guess they work or something. Clearly their priorities are out of wack. I mean, really. Work. WORK. WTF?


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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Heaven help me it's lunchtime again

I've been thinking about lunch since about 9 o'clock. Seriously. I have a problem, no? Hi, my name is Sonia and I'm addicted to Trader Joe's salad. Lunchtime has been a nightmare these past 2 days. No bueno. So I'm now considering NOT boycotting TJ's anymore since, clearly, I'm the only one suffering here. And they did say they would comp my next salad...(sans bugs, I hope.)
Okay, let's face it. I would have so been there yesterday if it weren't for my lack of better judgement (I'm still pinning this on the bug) in asking to speak with the cute raggamuffin blue-eyed boy that I attempted to flirt with. The phone call was strike 2. I suck at flirting. And typically come off as flighty. It's no wonder I've been single for so long. Although, admittedly I'm really in need of... well... I need to get LAID! A girl has got needs and this girls needs ARE NOT being met. So anyway, no Trader Joe's because of my lack of game and overall coolness? At this point what have I got to lose? I really doubt that I'll be blatantly pointed out and laughed at. Maybe behind the scenes, though...

Why do I care much? That's all ego baby. My ego makes me boring. Eff it! New motto: Let's give them something to talk about!

Scratch that. Too bold and fearless. (baby steps)

How about: Just think happy thoughts. Denial isn't so bad, right? I mean, don't I always say that ignorance is bliss?

We'll see... 5 minutes to lunchtime.


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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm gonna be a Tia!! SQUEEE!!!

How sweet is my Cis? She gets knocked up and then gives me and mom gifts! She got Mom this gorgeous Brighton charm bracelet, one of the charms is a baby carriage (aaawwww!) and another has 'grandma' engraved on it (double aaaawwww). And she got me a pretty little pearl bracelet with a little silver medallion on it that's engraved with 'Tia Sonia'!! It's adorable and I love it! (see previous post for pic)

I need to get her something really great but I don't know what! A book? I've been thinking about getting her a journal, she use to write a lot. I wonder now that she has no job if she would have more time for writing. I think it'd be really sweet if she documented her journey of having her first baby! Or maybe a blog would be better, more convenient. I dunno, back to the drawing board. Where did I put that thinking cap...


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My Tia-for-the-first-time gift :-D


Lunchtime again. Gripe. What's a girl to do...


Stupid beetle.


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Something's Got to Give

I think the time change effed up my alarm functions on my beloved iPhone (yes I'm aware that I'm way too caught up in my material possesions. What can I say but I'm a material girl and this is my material world). Anywho the last 3 mornings my alarmS have failed me. Or maybe it's fate telling me not to go to work anymore? Whatever Fate, I got bills. So I've been later than usual! And will not (for the umpteenth week in a row) get paid for a full 40 hours this week. 
Something gotta give. Unexceptable. At this rate my job is sure to be in jeopardy by the end of the month. No bueno, my friends. No. Bueno. Oh yeah and I do need to actually start working all day instead of reading blogs, writing blogs and socializing via technology (living in my material world and all that).

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I turn over a new leaf! What? I was already late today, today is a lost cause. A last hurrah! Okay, not really but for sure tomorrow's word of the day is PUNCTUALITY!


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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Slogan?

Tooting my own horn. Cuz if I don't, who will? Shall no horn go untooted! BEEP! BEEP! ;-)


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My First Stab at the Pumpkin

Okay so get this; I'm 23 and this past Halloween, my 23rd Halloween was the first ever Halloween that I carved a Pumpkin! 23! That's ludacris! (as in unbelievably shocking to go 22 Halloween sans P-carving! Not "Move, Get out the way" rapper: Ludacris)

So I mentioned it Monday to my Mom after seeing my 60-something year old uncle's carved Pumpkins. Tuesday Mom comes home with Pumky and a carving kit in tow (cue: aaawww) (overlooking that the previous 22 Halloweens there were no of oversized orange veggies let alone sharp objects to poke at them with. Overlook...check.)

I immediately flipped through the design book and settled on a design of 4 ghosts with top hats, it was some pretty advanced stuff but I'm 23 and I was determined; overwhelmed with excitement, stars in my eyes (so to speak. Kinda.) and I wanted to start off with a bang!

Once I was on to the actual carving phase eyebrows were raised when I was still deadset on the 4-ghost design. It was ambitious but I had my Pumky, my tools, my excitement and, I had my game face on.

About an hour or so into the tedious carving, the stars left my eyes and I was wishing that I had picked a less ambitious design, a simple and SINGULAR ghost design, no top hat just ghost.

I perserveered and finished what I started. My Pumky was a beaut! Magnifique!

I am now a (self-proclaimed) Pumpkin Carving Extraordinaire!! Seriously, I have totally busted out my Pumky pic to like EVERYBODY! Sharing is caring, right? And you better believe I made sure that all the 5 (literally) trick or treaters that knocked on our door admired my handywork.

So here is my Pumky in all it's glowing glory! My proof that I can, in fact, be trusted with sharp objects...


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Lunchtime Blues

Eek! It's lunchtime and I don't know where to go, they have the most scrumptious if salads at Trader Joe's...but sadly TJ's cannot be a lunchtime option any longer (see: The Bug. BUG! *shutter*). As long as my stomach turns at the thought of the Halloween salad surprise (holiday surprises are supposed to be for the better! WTF TJ's?! Didn't you get the memo?! And that's why you're FIRED! FIRED!) I'm boycotting the TJ's. Lunchtime just won't be the same. *sigh*

You will likely find me wandering aimlessly in the aisles of Staters in search of a delicious and nutritious meal that doesn't break the bank.

Be brave, I tell myself. Choose wisely.


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Weekend Rundown

So here's the weekend rundown:

• I carved my first pumpkin • Found a bug in my salad. Bug. • Called a cute stranger. • Spent Halloween night in Urgent Care. • Helped Mom make Yeast Doodles. • Saw Changelings with Mom & Tias. • Cis announced she's preggers. • Went shopping at Ross. • Called in sick to work Monday.


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