Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lunchtime Blues

Eek! It's lunchtime and I don't know where to go, they have the most scrumptious if salads at Trader Joe's...but sadly TJ's cannot be a lunchtime option any longer (see: The Bug. BUG! *shutter*). As long as my stomach turns at the thought of the Halloween salad surprise (holiday surprises are supposed to be for the better! WTF TJ's?! Didn't you get the memo?! And that's why you're FIRED! FIRED!) I'm boycotting the TJ's. Lunchtime just won't be the same. *sigh*

You will likely find me wandering aimlessly in the aisles of Staters in search of a delicious and nutritious meal that doesn't break the bank.

Be brave, I tell myself. Choose wisely.


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