Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm gonna be a Tia!! SQUEEE!!!

How sweet is my Cis? She gets knocked up and then gives me and mom gifts! She got Mom this gorgeous Brighton charm bracelet, one of the charms is a baby carriage (aaawwww!) and another has 'grandma' engraved on it (double aaaawwww). And she got me a pretty little pearl bracelet with a little silver medallion on it that's engraved with 'Tia Sonia'!! It's adorable and I love it! (see previous post for pic)

I need to get her something really great but I don't know what! A book? I've been thinking about getting her a journal, she use to write a lot. I wonder now that she has no job if she would have more time for writing. I think it'd be really sweet if she documented her journey of having her first baby! Or maybe a blog would be better, more convenient. I dunno, back to the drawing board. Where did I put that thinking cap...


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