Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hockey & Hair.

Went to the best hockey game (I've ever been to) last night! Fighting (complete with blood on the ice!), OT and then they went into a shootout! It's what hockey is all about! I'm not really into hockey but it was (almost) free and something about the word FREE makes things sooo much better! And am I the only one that thinks the half naked girls shoveling ice are out of their minds?! I had on jeans and a thick jacket and was cold! I can't help but wonder if shots of something or other (vodka, perhaps?) is part of their pay...

So today I'm getting my hair cut and colored. Today marks the day that my hair gets deflowered! *gasp* Yes, it is true that my hair is a virgin to hair dye... And it's already shoulder length so tomorrow morning I may not recognize myself when passing the mirror (hopefully in a good way *fingers crossed*). I'm nervous. In the fun way though, if I don't like my hair will grow and I can always dye it black....or buy a wig and lots of hats...I'm nervous. I'm anxious. I want it to be 6 already so we can get the show on the road... No freakshows though...

I'm excited.

I'm nervous. (catch onto that yet?)

I'm hungry....


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  1. I've never been to a hockey game but when you first said "shootout" I thought you meant with guns...b/c I'm an idiot! LOL