Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mmmm...A Delish Dish

The latest and greatest in food (new to me anyway) is butternut squash! 2 words: Yum. Meeee. Love it. Taste just like potatoes but less calories. I hear it's a pain in the daryaire (or however you spell that-symbollic of how hard the task is? Um. Sure.) to clean and peel and chop and stuff and let's face it I'm no Iron Chef plus I'm super duper lazy(!) so I bought it frozen (frozen veggies are definately the way to go). Put it in a pan and cook then add some eggbeater (and Montreal steak seasoning and cayenne pepper) and VWALA!! Tre magnifique! *italian finger kiss* You got yourself some scrambled eggs and potatoes for like way less than half the calories!

Delicious and nutritious! I should totally make my own recipe book. A Lazy-ass's Guide to Delicious and Nutritious! Well, the name needs work but that's small potatoes-the seed has been planted. I've proved my genius yet again. (just go with it, I'm a dreamer) and Hungry Girl already beat me to it. Whatev.



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