Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My First Stab at the Pumpkin

Okay so get this; I'm 23 and this past Halloween, my 23rd Halloween was the first ever Halloween that I carved a Pumpkin! 23! That's ludacris! (as in unbelievably shocking to go 22 Halloween sans P-carving! Not "Move, Get out the way" rapper: Ludacris)

So I mentioned it Monday to my Mom after seeing my 60-something year old uncle's carved Pumpkins. Tuesday Mom comes home with Pumky and a carving kit in tow (cue: aaawww) (overlooking that the previous 22 Halloweens there were no of oversized orange veggies let alone sharp objects to poke at them with. Overlook...check.)

I immediately flipped through the design book and settled on a design of 4 ghosts with top hats, it was some pretty advanced stuff but I'm 23 and I was determined; overwhelmed with excitement, stars in my eyes (so to speak. Kinda.) and I wanted to start off with a bang!

Once I was on to the actual carving phase eyebrows were raised when I was still deadset on the 4-ghost design. It was ambitious but I had my Pumky, my tools, my excitement and, I had my game face on.

About an hour or so into the tedious carving, the stars left my eyes and I was wishing that I had picked a less ambitious design, a simple and SINGULAR ghost design, no top hat just ghost.

I perserveered and finished what I started. My Pumky was a beaut! Magnifique!

I am now a (self-proclaimed) Pumpkin Carving Extraordinaire!! Seriously, I have totally busted out my Pumky pic to like EVERYBODY! Sharing is caring, right? And you better believe I made sure that all the 5 (literally) trick or treaters that knocked on our door admired my handywork.

So here is my Pumky in all it's glowing glory! My proof that I can, in fact, be trusted with sharp objects...


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