Monday, November 10, 2008

Give me an Inch, I'll take a Mile...

My weekend in a nutshell:

-Senior citizens and kareoke -Gay club and dancing (the gays get down!) -Drinking (it's the only way...) -BBQ (food, drink, Guitar Hero, Loteria, Hold 'em...oh my!) -Ghettofying my phone case with stickers cuz I love it too much to throw it away. And since my first attempt at salvation (KrazyGlue) failed, it was the only other option I could think of.

(Um. KrazyGlue. Thumb. Index finger. Yeah, you guessed it...)

OMG! And today at work, I got handed...

(brace yourself)

Work! Yes, that is correct. Work. So that means today I'm actually doing what I get paid to do. Wierd, I know. My heart skipped a beat when my Super handed me plans this morning. And then I opened and looked at them and wanted to hand them right back. It passed though. I got to working and actually enjoyed it (as much as you can enjoy WORK anyway). But that was before lunch. Now after a big lunch (Vons- that's right yet another day sans TJ's) and cheesecake to celebrate my co-workers birthday, I'm considering petitioning for naptime at the office... I'm pretty sure that there was a study done on employees being more productive with naps, right? Right? Hmmm... The slavedriver-esque Super may disagree.

(4 solid hours of work and now their slavedrivers...and I'm blogging right to be done and I'm blogging.)


Who got to work 15 minutes EARLY today?!

Yours truly!

Yippey for me! Let's see if I can keep it up for the rest of the week! (BABY STEPS, mind you-a week is PLENTY.)

Back to work now...


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