Friday, November 7, 2008

Crush Officially OVA!

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaND killed it! Another picture. I spoke too soon. The crush is gone. Needless to say..I'm so not attracted to this boy. Remember the ignorance is bliss? Yeah. I want it back. Sure it sounds mean but I've already sent him one picture of me (smiling because in the profile pic I'm making fish lips-dorkiness. An endearing quality, no? Then he asks for ANOTHER right now. So I say, you first.

Got it. Truth hurts. I faced the music. Me no likey.

Uhgh. I should've known better when the boy had half a brain. And wit. Hot boys. They don't have this.

Forever single. They're either hott (WTF is hoyt? My phone keeps trying to put this instead of hott. Side note: look that word up) or they have a great personality (and of course this greatness is measured by how well they mesh with me because we all know that I am the center of the universe, right? Right? RIGHT?). So whatev. I got an e-mail buddy (until he gives up).

I'm gonna go drink my single forever ass under the table now.

Well, kinda/maybe anyway.


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