Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

I've been tagged!

(By Jannelle at Through the Looking Glass)

So I will now list 6 things I am thankful for and then tag 6 more blogs to do the same. That's the name of the game (okay, the rules but name rhymes...)

6 Thankfuls in my Life....

  1. My mom (cue: awwww...) Yup. This woman is AMAZING! (She did raise me afterall...) She taught me strength, independence, the importance of good credit (it's under-rated. Really mamas of the world, this needs to be learned), hard work and to always try and do what's right and follow your heart (**while not ignoring your brain** this is key. I would probably be lost in Italy or some foreign country, without a dime to my name or a clue on how I'm gonna get home if it hadn't been for that mass of grey matter occupying my skull). I could go on but I think you get it. She's amazing. period.
  2. My family, of course, sometimes (read: most the time) they drive me crazy but (i lie to myself) and think this builds "character". They're loving, good cooks and are wildly fun and entertaining. Love 'em to pieces.
  3. My friends (another, "duh"; but it must be listed). I don't have many but the ones that I do have: WOW! How did I get so blessed to be around such AWE-MAZE-ING people? Just lucky I guess.
  4. My iPhone (it's true.) You bring me music (music, how I love thee...), the Internet (I'm looking at you google. *smooches*), crazy apps, Maps (seriously, I get lost ALL THE TIME), all the entertainment and answers to random questions that you give me.... I heart my iPhone (and all things apple. Including apples they're yummy).
  5. All things warm (and functioning). Scarves, Hats, Coats, Gloves, Tea, Soup, Summer, the heater under my desk, Southern California (cuz, let's face it. It could be worse...Antarctica? No thanks.)all heaters anywhere and everywhere, fire If you keep me from chattering teeth and frostbite: I love you.
  6. Alcohol. (Yeah, I said it.)


All these blogs (there's more but I'm limited to listing 6) are witty, sarcastic, clever, funny and all that other ooey gooey entertaining goodness. I'm hooked.

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  1. I'm so excited! I don't think I've ever been tagged before but I am totally going to do this. Yay!

  2. I love being tagged! It's like the blogging version of "thumbs up"