Saturday, May 23, 2009

Babysitting: A Survival Story

AND in other [unrelated] news: 
I like coffee! 

So I'm back. 22 hours of babysitting and I live to tell the tale; which is probably not all that surprising but what you WILL find surprising is The Child is also alive and good health

(Smiles even. What a soldier.)

Unfortunately, there was one who could not endure.

It's my fault really, I was hard. Demanding Even. Required too much attention, too much support, pushing the limits. I took it for granted, not realizing that we were a team.
Give and Take both
 Peanut Butter & Jelly.
Milk & Cookies.
Lionel & his blankey. 
We needed each other but I did not fulfill* (*seriously, I tried like 13 different ways to spell that damn word!) (Thank you spellcheck. Kisses!) my end of the bargain and my partner took the fall.

Not literally thank God,
 jeez, I'm not that negligent!
It was more of a mental breakdown, if you will.

I wasn't worried at first. 
I can fix this! No problem.

I was confident. 
Maybe too confident.

An hour later the panic set in. I tried everything.

Scapula? Check. 
Go-Go-Gadget Hat? Check. 
Ibufrofen? Check.
Big Gulp of Caffeinated Coffee? 
& Checkmate.

 ...but the damage had been done. I would have to complete my duty flying solo. I ain't gonna lie, a tear was shed for my fallen soldier. (The previous statement is, in fact, a lie.) The remaining hours ticked by slowly...I tried to take my mind off the pain but it was all I could think about.

I didn't even foresee it coming! Had I missed The Signs? Were there signs?
But it was too late. The damage: done.
All I could do was sit. And wait. 
...tick-tock, tick tock.... 

(And eye the bottle of Champagne calling my name.)

 (but this was no time to celebrate
This was a time of grief. Of mourning.) 

...And waited some more....
no more "tocks" just ticks!... 

(What's up with "babysit Friday night" actually being "babysit Friday night, most of Saturday and adding 2 more kiddies in the mix in the afternoon"?)
...and GROWLS.

(for the record: The little people were perfect angels =)

When I got home I immediately began intensive surgery. For a while I thought it was no use, it was *gulp* over  but I persisted, desperation fueling me and 


My iPhone lives!
No more tears =)


(stop snickering iPhone Haters! The iPhone is still THE BEST!)

(And I think it's a sign from the Apple Gods that I neeeed to get the newest iPhone when it comes out.)

This post was brought to you by Coffee! WOO!

Blame it on the caf-cu-cu-caf-cucu-caffeine!

bee-tee-dubs, I'm considering switching to decaf....=)

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