Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Vegas or NOT To Vegas.

Sunday night one of my friends invited me to Vegas this weekend.

I initially didn't want to go since this one friend in particular (let's call her Ms. Beachery) (she likes the beach, I think.) (Everybody likes the beach.) has not been the nicest gal lately and is into the drama like Hollywood is Botox.

However, since said invite a faint chanting of vegas, vegas, vegas... turned into a full on shout, so my weekend is set. VEGAS BABY!

How could I refuse?

I'm sure Ms. Beachery will warm up, it being her birthday and (hello!) being in Vegas! What's not to love!



And if not, whatev. I'll be caught up in a wonderous whirlwind that is Vegas (!) and drunken oblivion where HappyTime is had by all. Or just by me, I can never really tell at that point.


  1. Have fun! I'm sure there will be minimal drama and if there is drama booze will help you forget.

  2. Vegas sounds fun!! I'm sure you'll have a blast, whether your drama friend causes trouble or not. :)